The purpose of this site is to provide information about robot making and electronics.

 When I am making a robot, I think that there is not enough information about what I want to make. I am making robots by a lot of trial-and-error.

 I hope this site will be helpful to those who want to make robots!

I write mainly in Japanese. I will add English version little by little.

▼This site is based on this book.


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Introduction of the administrator

  • 7-cube:ストリーミング機能

I started to make things when I entered college.

When I was first year in college, I took a new student training course in a satellite organization and experienced CanSat fabrication in a team. At that time, I was a project manager and handled 3D CAD, circuit design CAD, and microcontroller programming.

I started creating this site during my second year of college. I joined the Robocon club and became involved with companies and creators outside the college.

From my third year in college, I was involved in software development for microcontroller-related companies as an intern, writing a book on Node-RED MCU, exhibiting at Maker Faire and other exhibitions, participating in hackathons, presenting at conferences, and more widely.

I am currently a fourth year college student. I was finally assigned to a laboratory, and I am overjoyed to be in it. But only one year…

I am a fan of Metal Gear Solid and Ghost in the Shell. I'd like to eventually build an auxiliary robot like Metal Gear Mk2 or Rogikoma.

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